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Silicone Stick Anywhere Waterproof Speaker

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Features: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, tablets, laptops, etc. Bluetooth speaker includes built-in microphone, enjoy hands-free calls. When a call comes in to the paired speaker, it will automatically switch from music mode to call mode after pressing the telephone button to take the call. After completing the call press the phone button again to hang up. After call is complete the music will automatically resume. Large suction cup attached, can absorb on tiles, glass, wall, window, and any other flat surface.

Package includes: • 1 x Bluetooth speakers • 1 x USB charging cable • 1 x Suction cup (attached to device) 

Instructions for use:

1. How to pair your phone? Hold power button for about 3 seconds to start the speaker. You will hear the “beep” sound the indicator light starts blinking quickly. Use your smart phone to search the Bluetooth signal, Bluetooth name is BTS-06. Pair with them. Note if the speaker is already connected to another Bluetooth device, the speaker will not appear in the search list. You will need to disconnect the already paired Bluetooth device from the speaker & search again to connect a different device. When paired successfully, the speaker will play a short “beep” sound and the LED indicator will be constantly illuminated.

2. How to control the volume? Hold the “-“ or “+” symbol for a few seconds. And you can also control by your paired phone or other Bluetooth device.

3. How to switch the song? Press the “-“ or “+” symbol quickly.

4. How to charge? The speaker has a built-I rechargeable battery. Connect the provided USB cable to a computer or power adaptor to charge. When the speaker is charging the LED light will be red. Unplug the speaker from the power device once the speaker is full charged.

Note: 1. When Speaker charging, the LED indicator turns red and the battery is being charged. 2. The battery will be fully charged in about 2-3 hours, please remember to unplug charging for longer battery life. 3. DO NOT immerse it into water. Although it is waterproof, it is not designed to play while under water. 4. Please keep the surface dry before using the suction cup. 5. When the speaker is turned on, if it is not used for 3-4 minutes, the speaker will be turned off automatically.

Product Specifications: • This is a mini ultra-portable waterproof wireless Bluetooth 3.0 stereo speaker, support Bluetooth stereo sound, beautiful sound quality. • Battery Voltage: 3.7V 600Mah • Mad Man, masters of men's gifts. Material: Silicone + ABS • Bluetooth support: V3.0 + EDR • Duration: approx. 4 hours (at normal volume) • Charging time: about 4 hours • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 45 mm (L * W * H) • Weight: 105g • Transmission range: approx. 8-10meters (Not through doors or walls)


Silicone Stick Anywhere Waterproof Speaker
Silicone Stick Anywhere Waterproof Speaker Sale price$10.00