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Grill Boss Meat Thermometer

SKU: 32096
Sale price$18.00

No beef here, just a well-cooked steak with our digital touchscreen Grill Boss Meat Thermometer. 

No guesswork needed. Simply insert the meat probe, and the LCD touchscreen instantly provides accurate temperature readings. With preset USDA approved temperatures for 8 different types of meat and 5 doneness levels, achieving your desired level of doneness has never been easier.

But that's not all—this innovative thermometer also boasts a flip-out countertop stand for convenient display, a magnetic back for hands-free operation, and a built-in timer with alarm function to ensure your steaks are grilled to perfection, every time. 

  • Instant temperature reading: Accurately gauge your steak's doneness using the meat probe and LCD touchscreen.
  • Preset USDA approved temperatures: Programmed for 8 different types of meat and 5 doneness levels for foolproof cooking.
  • Convenient features: Flip-out countertop stand for easy display, magnetic back for hands-free use, and timer with alarm function to ensure timely cooking.

Say goodbye to overcooked or underdone steaks and hello to culinary mastery!

Grill Boss Meat Thermometer
Grill Boss Meat Thermometer Sale price$18.00