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Cold as Dice! Whiskey Cubes

SKU: 32792
Sale price$15.00

Make your favorite brand of whiskey Cold as Dice with our rapid cooling stainless steel reusable whiskey dice. Simply drop these "dice cubes" into your glass, and watch as your drink reaches the perfect temperature without dilution. This set of six whiskey ice cubes ensures every sip is as smooth and refreshing as the last.

  • Rapid Cooling: Enjoy chilled whiskey in seconds without watering down your drink.
  • Reusable Dice Design: Adds a playful twist to your drinking experience.
  • Set of six whiskey cubes: Provides ample cooling for multiple drinks.

Elevate your whiskey ritual with this innovative addition to your barware collection. Cheers to enjoying your spirits at their finest!

Cold as Dice! Whiskey Cubes
Cold as Dice! Whiskey Cubes Sale price$15.00