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We don't just find kids a home.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We're raising money to benefit Hearts and Hands Kids, an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in the USA.

We raise kids as our own in a big, joyful, and wonderful home.

Hearts and Hands Kids was founded in 2018 to help young children find a home. When we are given responsibility for a child, we are not looking to place them in a home. We are giving them one. A home with a loving family and a whole bunch of siblings. We currently raise up to 16 children in a family environment - a big, crazy, loud, joyful space where they find belonging. We are committed to raising our kids from as young as 6 months old into adulthood by putting them through college or work study programs.
As long as they stay with us, they will be raised as our own.

Our Commitment is Different

We are not a traditional orphanage; we are different. Instead of a large, sterile group home, we create a nurturing environment with loving caregivers who are committed to staying and raising these kids long-term.

Our approach is more like foster care than an orphanage, although our kids do occasionally get adopted. Recently, a few of our children were adopted, but we can accommodate up to 16 kids in our home. Our commitment is to raise them in a loving family, instill strong values, teach them, care for them, educate them, and support them through college or a job training program when the time comes. We achieve this with the help and support of a dedicated team in the Dominican Republic, who are fully invested in helping these kids transition from poverty and despair to becoming hopeful and loving members of society.

Our upfront commitment to every child we take in is that we will raise them, educate them, and provide healthcare.


Nicole Brayden Gifts founded the orphanage and has fully funded the charity for many years.

In partnership with a dedicated leader in the Dominican Republic, Nicole Brayden Gifts founded and exclusively supports Hearts and Hands Kids. Hearts and Hands Kids is an approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in the USA.

To date, the orphanage has been 100% supported through the sales of our brands: Mad Man, Divinity Boutique, and Cait + Co.



We accept donations of any level on our Go Fund Me page. All donations, big or small, always make a big impact to our mission.


Profits from your purchase of products sold through Mad Man, Divinity Boutique, or Cait + Co help fund our kids.


Even if you can't donate today, sharing our mission with your family, friends, and colleagues is much appreciated.

Direct Donations

If it is in your heart to help these kids through a direct donation, you can be assured of the following:

1. 100% of donations will go to the orphanage. 

2. No operating expenses, or administration expenses will ever be deducted from a direct donation. 

3. All donations will go directly to the care and feeding of the kids. 

4. As a 501c3 charity your donations in the USA should be 100% tax deductible (but please confirm with your accountant).

A Note From Our Founder

Historically, we have not promoted or talked much about the orphanage because I have always believed that this is something we do from the heart.

That being said, today I feel like our country and world are looking for ways to give back and support non-profit charities now that COVID is slowing and people are thankful to be alive and free.

I feel that letting people know the charity exists and that their purchases and support of the company have helped us maintain and grow the charity is a good thing. Giving those who haven't heard about us before the chance to help the kids directly through donations is the most wonderful gift for these children.

I also want to thank our customers and sales teams who have helped us grow the orphanage through the sales of our products.

- Keith


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