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Below is the link to download your FREE GIFT!

This free Social Media Pack of 7 pre-made images ready for sharing is intended to help you promote your store for Father’s Day.

We’ve included:
✔️ A few posts for engagement
✔️ A few reminders of the upcoming holiday
✔️ And, of course, what would Father’s Day be without a few bad Dad jokes? 😂

Download your FREE GIFT below:

If you'd like, feel free to tags us in your posts @madmanchicago or use hashtags #madmanchicago and #giftsgadgetsgearforguys

We look forward to seeing your social media posts for Father's Day!

We would love to know if you found this helpful and what else we can do to help support your shop throughout the year. 

Feel free to leave us feedback or suggestions at this link here: