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BOOOM Box - Boost your phone's sound 10x instantly!

SKU: 31903


No Cables!
No Pairing!
No Bluetooth!
Just Great Sound.

Amplify your smartphone's sound 10x instantly. Boost the volume of your music, speaker phone, videos and more! To use, simply place your phone on top for instant boooming sound. Finished listening? Just pick up your phone and go. No cables, no bluetooth pairing, just great sound.

Available in 5 colors: Black • Red • Navy • Fuchsia • Lime

    Assortment includes:
    24 pcs - 5 Black, 5 Red, 5 Navy, 5 Fuchsia, and 4 Lime

    * Includes USB charging cable DC5V IN 
    * Comes with Audio In AUX port for additional device options

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